Have a got any Query regarding UPSC/MPPSC/MPTET and MAINS Interview?

You need to make habit of reading newspaper at daily basis which is amongst the easiest but main elements of UPSC preparation. Full comprehension of current affairs along with that editorials are always necessary part to cover up the prelims exams as well as the mains. “The Hindu” newspaper, “The Times of India”, “Hindustan Times” are one of the most prestigious and notable newspapers which are published in India. These are the newspaper which deals with best of the relevant factual basis and relevant but to the point issues, and best part is that these news are written by most prestigious personalities of the country. Partner of these newspapers can also be tried out.

The above said question is highly subjective because preparation time taken by each individual student differ due to their ability of understanding the concept and personal abilities of remembering each and everything. Circumstances might play a role in this case where few candidates might not be able to give even 5 hours a day but due to their ability and dedication they do crack these exams on other hands students who are giving more than 10 hours for their study were not even passed in the exams. In some cases due to job and other responsibilities students are not able to give the minimum time which is required. Which means it is not mandate to spend your all time in study. However, as per the observation by the teachers it has been found that spending 4-5 hours a day in regular study, continuously for a regular 12 months in a year or more by concentrating on your study with sincerity is more than enough. Read newspapers every day and it has to be mandate by you in your daily routine.

Funda is always same for any competitive examination which involves a written format; the presentation is always on the top as similar to showing the content or answer of the question. But handwriting plays a vital role if you are clear with the concept and are able to make it clear before the examiner. Still we can say Handwriting surely plays a vital role in getting the maximum marks which includes not just the grammar but the way you are presenting the sentences or paragraphs in the format you wanted to.

Focus on your goal: Don’t get nervous, do not lose your energy, because it will never allow you perform well with these competitive examinations. So, best part is be cool and calm and focus yourself in writing and solving the problems or answering the questions in a normal manner. Avoid multitasking, so, just direct all your concentration one time at one topic. Make sure your OMR sheet is neat and clean: Use clean card board so that you could easily avoid keeping your answer sheet on the table you are sitting to avoid stains or dust particle which may affect your writing. Last but the most important thing is having trust or faith in your ability and on your preparation.

Full form of MPPSC is: Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. A state government body of Madhya Pradesh Government that is basically into hiring the relevant staff/employees for the state administrative services for which they do conduct the examinations as well for the same.

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